Juxtapoz Magazine Issue #193 February 2017 Marcel Dzama Raymond Pettibon

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Juxtapoz Magazine #193 February 2017. The times we are living in… they’re a changin’. And as we kick off the new year, we look to two staples of latest art, Marcel Dzama and Raymond Pettibon, to illustrate the new cover of Juxtapoz’s February 2017 issue. Both artists, prolific drawers with a penchant for comics and pop culture, have been collaborating in contemporary years at a series of exhibitions and zines with David Zwirner Gallery, creating a body of work that not only speaks to past eras, but is reflective of the changing era that we are about to embark on. For the cover stories, we take a seat down with Marcel Dzama to talk about Pettibon as a collaborator, working with the likes of Spike Jonze, Arcade Fire, and Dave Eggers, in addition to the role of the artist in politics. At the side of Raymond Pettibon’s retrospective coming to the New Museum in NYC in February we enlisted critic and friend Carlo McCormick to comment on Pettibon’s overall importance as both prolific and influential to a generation of artists. Also in Feburary 2017 issue: -Ed Emberley and the legendary children’s book artists career -Scott Albrecht putting the pieces together, coast to coast -Robert Bernard Law Montgomery’s street poetry -Talita Hoffman’s Sao Paulo vision -Andrew Luck and his new move Eastward -Murals and meals in Sacramento, California’s burgeoning art city -French Fred’s unique vision of skateboarding -Sneaker Culture comes to the Bay -Pop Art goes to Orange County -Post Street Art exemplifies the moment… -…and Geronimo Balloons makes us glide away

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