Juxtapoz Magazine July 2014

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Following on the June 2014 issue with Mark Ryden, the July issue features every other pillar of Juxtapoz’s growth and international success during the last 20 years: Shepard Fairey. Amazingly enough, Shepard had only been on 1.5 covers in our 20 years of publishing, and with a brand spanking new body of work currently on display on the Halsey Institute in Charleston, South Carolina, works that were curated to take a seat alongside prints by Jasper Johns.

July 2014, n162, also features:
-Andrew Pommier makes good faces
-Jesse Hazelip gets interviewed by Judith Supine
-The originator of the Big Eyes, Margaret Keane, is TIm Burton’s next subject
-Meet Kikyz1313… your nightmares is absolutely not the similar
-Skate graphic legend Todd Francis hits the books

-Adam Wallacavage takes us around Philadelphia
-Dana Tanamachi-Williams from chalk to Nike
-Tellason Jeans turns craft into way of life
-Justin Blyth… an American in Amsterdam
-Photographer Yan Morvan’s luck never runs out

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